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Designing an affordable and reliable IT solution for your business



Creating a network of resources for your IT needs for real time support



Meeting your IT needs for your everyday business operation

Where do you go for Small Business IT Solutions?

As a business owner, you have many roles. You are the one who makes sure that the everyday operation runs smoothly. You also make sure that you are prepared for any situations. When it comes to your IT, it is the lifeline for your business. How do you make sure that you have the best solution possible?


Are you maximizing your IT resources?

Ballan Consulting, Inc. provides a wide range of computer services to clients from home users to small and medium-size businesses in New Jersey. In today's fast-moving technology world, Ballan Consulting, Inc. offers a single point of contact to provide solutions for all aspects of your computer needs. No more having to call your Internet Service Provider, your hardware vendor, and software vendor. We are a one stop shop and will address all of your IT needs.

A Check List for

Your Business's

IT Health :


Do you know who to call

if you are not getting e-mails?


Do you have a back-up plan & anti-virus/anti-malware protection plan that you feel comfortable with?


Do you regularly update your disaster recovery plan for your computers?


Are you confident that you are getting the best value from your service providers, such as Internet or phone companies?

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